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Что угодно / Re: Новости из жизни
« Последний ответ от santic 14 Май 2020, 02:35:04 »
Привет! Снова выхожу на связь :) Теперь не унываю!

Из нового: собираю гитарные примочки, винил, жду приезда Melt Banana и надеюсь, что Boris снова прикатят :)
Вопросы и предложения / Do you want to get cluster jewels newly introduced in POE?
« Последний ответ от helodieaodns 26 Апрель 2020, 06:25:00 »
Cluster jewels are new items that can only be obtained in the POE's Delirium Challenge League. Their main function is to further expand the player's passive skill tree. All experienced POE players know that the passive skill tree is the core system of the game. You can add more cluster jewels to get more reinforcement effects from passive skills.
It is worth noting that you need to create new characters to participate in the Challenge League, which means that you need to take risks in the state of nothing. In this case, encountering the enhanced monster of the Mirror of Delirium, you will usually face the threat of death. Fortunately, MMOAH has started to provide players with the POE Currency and POE Items of the Delirium Challenge League.
MMOAH has always had a high reputation among the POE players, they provide cheap and safe POE Currency, and 24/7 online customer service to answer questions for users. If you want to defeat the horrible bosses in POE as soon as possible, you can Buy POE Currency from the official website of MMOAH.
Вопросы и предложения / Re: Ломаные ссылки
« Последний ответ от helodieaodns 26 Апрель 2020, 06:24:39 »
How should players obtain a large amount of POE Currency?
Recently POE released a new extension called Delirium, which means that players need to start an adventure in a new challenge league in order to obtain unique rewards, including POE Currency and POE Items newly added to the game, and even legendary items.
You need to create a new character to participate in the challenge league, so you cannot inherit your level, skills and equipment in the standard league. This is very important for players. If you want to kill monsters quickly and challenge more difficult bosses, equipment and skill gems are very important, because all POE Builds are different combinations of these two aspects. You need to Buy POE Currency to make a piece of equipment that meets the requirements.
MMOAH can solve your problem. Their professional team has collected a large amount of POE Currency in the challenge league and provided it to players at the cheapest price. I suggest you take a look at their official website.
For many years, MMOAH has always been the best partner of POE players
MMOAH has been established for many years and is a professional third-party game service provider. Since POE was officially released in 2013, MMOAH has continued to provide players with high-quality POE Currency, and all players can obtain cheap and safe POE Orbs at MMOAH.
When you search for keywords such as POE Currency on Google, you will find that MMOAH is often on the homepage. MMOAH's high-quality services come from their professional team. All the POE Currency to be sold are obtained manually, and will not cause any damage to the account. In addition, MMOAH supports multiple payment methods, if you are not satisfied with the transaction, you can also choose a refund. In general, MMOAH can protect the security of your funds and accounts. If you want to Buy POE Items, Visit their official site.
Вопросы и предложения / Re: Сайты-друзья
« Последний ответ от helodieaodns 26 Апрель 2020, 06:24:02 »
Both Horde and Alliance characters can choose the Demon Hunter class
What are you still hesitating to get Cheap WOW Classic Gold? Visit the official website of MMOWTS and get the latest news!
I never thought of anti-hero characters in the Alliance, in fact, they were night elves. Unlike its original role, this class is very mobile. In order to reproduce the performance of Illidan Stormrage in the trailer as much as possible in the game, the designer gave the demon hunter the ability to glide. At the same time, they can double-jump. These two abilities can effectively reduce the devil hunter's exposure when falling s damage.
The price of their WOW Classic Gold is the cheapest on the market, but the speed of delivery is also very fast.
Перевод / Re: Субтитры для KNT от PIZZACATS.RU
« Последний ответ от Fureon 13 Апрель 2020, 11:18:28 »
Мы наконец-то достигли середины! Ревизия субтитров 27/54 эпизодов сделана!

Эпизод 27
Перевод / Re: Субтитры для KNT от PIZZACATS.RU
« Последний ответ от Fureon 10 Апрель 2020, 20:31:31 »
Перевод / Re: Субтитры для KNT от PIZZACATS.RU
« Последний ответ от Fureon 08 Апрель 2020, 19:38:26 »
Перевод / Re: Субтитры для KNT от PIZZACATS.RU
« Последний ответ от Fureon 07 Апрель 2020, 17:55:09 »
Ревизия эпизода 22 завершена.

Среди изменений, я русифицировал "дурацкие" имена, которые Пурурун даёт ребятам:
Buutaro (от "buta" = "свинья") -> Хрюнтаро
Gonsuke (от "gon" = звонкий звук удара) -> Долбаши ("-суке" - распространённое окончание в яп. именах, но для пущей звучности и соответствия переделанному имени Яттаро, взято окончание от "Сукаши").
Barbarin (подражание англ. "barbarian" - "варвар") -> Варварин (всё равно b и v в японском - один звук).

Остальное: https://www.diffchecker.com/bYs4qmL0
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